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Fengshui Liu Li Products

Welcome to Fengshui Liu Li 风水琉璃 Updated 15 Dec 2010

The secret of making this unique form of Crystal - Liu Li can be traced back more than 2000 years ago. And it has been regarded as one of the China Five Popular Art Items (Gold and Silver, Jade, Crystal - Liu Li, Ceramics, Bronze).

Liu Li comes in the forms of single coloured or multi-coloured. The process of making Liu Li is long and complex, therefore every Liu Li created would never be the same and there will be no two identical Liu Li. Every Liu Li has its own style and colours. As such, this has made Liu Li as one of the highly priced fengshui products in the present market.

Despite of that, here in Fengshui Liu Li, we have a wide range of Liu Li products that are selling at affordable pricing for a limited period of time. Take this opportunity to enjoy the *discounted prices shown in this blog before our prices revert to the RRP (Recommended Retail Price).

To place an order, you can email us at fsliuli@yahoo.com.sg with the product code that can be found at the bottom of each product photo. Please state the product code, desired quantity, your name and contact number. And we will contact you shortly.

Or alternatively, you can contact us at mobile 9848 2968 to place an order.

* All prices include local delivery via Singpost. Delivery will take approximately 3 to 5 working days.

Guarantee Lowest Price Policy - Here in Fengshui Liu Li 风水琉璃, we guarantee our prices are lowest. If within 7 days of purchase, should you spotted any of the **same purchased items sold at a lower price in elsewhere. Please furnish us the +details, we will refund you the price difference after our verification.

+Detail as in shop outlet location, stated selling price and item must be ex-stock.

** Same purchased items - item must be same in term of dimension, design and quality.

Every of our Fengshui products shown below are completed with presentable packaging, our products are ideal gifts for your loved ones.

Fengshui Pendant Ornaments

Product P002 - Fu Gui Hua 福贵花 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Product P003 - Fu Gui Hua 福贵花 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Product P004 - Nien Nien You Yu 年年有余 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Product P005 - Ji Xiang Fu 吉祥福 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Product P006 - Ru Yi (Blue) 如意 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Product P007 - Ru Yi (Red) 如意 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Product P009 - Pi Xiu 貔貅 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Product P010 - Pi Xiu 貔貅 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Product P011 - Pi Xiu 貔貅 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Product P012 - Pi Xiu 貔貅 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Product P013 - Pi Xiu 貔貅 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Product P014 - Pi Xiu 貔貅 (RRP - S$68) price S$68

Fengshui Ornaments (Hang Items)

Product H001 - Medium Pixiu (RRP - S$128) price S$128 (TOP PICK from consumers!)

Pi Xiu is known to attract wealth, it can be used to appease Tai Sui as well. For those who are any of these 4 Celestial animals; Tiger, Snake, Monkey or Pig. Next year 2010, these 4 celestial animals are in conflict with Tai Sui. Hang a Pixiu to overcome any potential obstacles.

Product H002 - Small Pixiu (RRP - S$108) price S$108 (STOCK RUNNING LOW!)

Product H004 - Shi Shi Ru Yi 事事如意 (RRP - S$128) price S$128
To enjoy smooth sailing in things you do.

Product H005 - Ping An Jie 平安结 (RRP - S$128) price S$128
Ping An Jie 平安结 symbolises peace and safety.

Product H006 - Nian Nian You Yu 年年有余 (RRP - S$128) price S$128
Good wealth through many good years.

Product H002 - Small Pixiu (RRP - S$108) price S$108

Product H008 - Ji Xiang Fu 吉祥福 (RRP - S$128) price S$128
To enjoy blissful fortune with this auspicious bat (Fu).

Product H009 - Flying Dragon 1 (RRP - S$128) price S$128

Product H010 - Flying Dragon 2 (RRP - S$128) price S$128

Product H011 - Wheel of Fortune (RRP - S$128) price S$128

Product H012 - Bai Cai 百菜 (RRP - S$148) price S$148
Bai Cai 白菜 is Chinese cabbage which have similar sound like Bai Cai 百财, Hundreds Wealth. Hang one Bai Cai 百菜 to receive good luck and good fortune.

Fengshui Display Ornaments

Product 1003 - Yun Cai Pixiu 运财貔貅 (RRP - S$328)price S$328
Size : 120mm x 70mm x 110mm (H)
Let this auspicious Pixiu brings good fortune to your doorstep.

Product 1005 - Wan Fu Ju Bao Pen 万福聚宝盆 (RRP - S$988)Discounted price S$888
Size : 200mm x 150mm x 75mm (H)
Accumulate good fortunes with Thousands of Good Fortunes accumlator bowl.

Product 1006 - Zhao Cai Jin Chan 招财金蟾 (RRP - S$288)price S$288
Size : 110mm x 90mm x 90mm (H)
Let this 3 legged frog brings wealth to you, place this auspicious 3 legged frog towards you.

Product 1008 - Yuan Yuan Ru Yi 圆缘如意 (RRP - S$368)price S$368
Size : 170mm x 60mm x 100mm (H)
Place Yuan Yuan Ru Yi at South-east sector to enhance your romance luck. For those who are in relationships, this is for you to build blissful relationship.

Product 1009 - Xiao Ru Yi 小如意 (RRP - S$168)Discounted price S$108
Size : 90mm x 35mm x 50mm (H)
Xiao Ru Yi
Product 1011 - Trustworthy (RRP - S$328)Discounted price S$268
Size :95mm x 78mm x 120mm (H)
Improve your networks with Trustworthy.

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